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It’s time to react!

At a time when the environment and working conditions are one of the concerns. Try our jewelry respectful of the environment, ethical, amazing and especially affordable thanks to synthetic stones.


Some explanments are needed!

I’m a gemmologist and I must admit that yes I learned a lot about the colored stones and the diamond but especially under what conditions these little wonders arrives on the fingertips…

It is difficult to precisely define the source of a stone and under what conditions it was extracted and especially who extracted it, not to mention the causes on the environment, the impacts that it has on an entire ecosystem. Nowadays Nothing guarantees the origin of your color stone unfortunately. Only Diamonds have traceability thanks to the Kimberley agreements.


Discover the alternatives that help the ethical and environmental problems, like the extraction of precious metals, precious stones , because these alternatives are little Known to the general public or poorly perceived, but in recent years it evolves… so why not you???

There is a lot of advantage to turn to jewelery with synthetic stones: ethics, the environment, the price: the rates range from -40 to -70% thanks to synthetic stones …