“Diamond’s best alternative “

The synthetic moissanite…

Created in the laboratory this silicium carbide is formed by growth in vapour phase by sublimation, on a germ, to 2200 °c (modified LeLy process).

Marketed in 1998 in the USA it was one of the most expensive synthetic stones.

For some years it has been found at competitive prices. Today with the  technology’s progress, it can be produced in different colors:







Nowadays we are talking about moissanite of new generation or lastest generation: the Moissanite 4h: It has a better visual color quality (slightly white). The first moissanite are 6h they have a slightly yellowish, greenish color.

Both show identical inclusions:-Double refraction *

-White tubular Inclusion perpendicular to the table

The 4h will be more expensive to purchase.

It shines more than a diamond with a high dispersion, (conf image at the top of the page).

It has a hardness close to that of Diamond 9.1/4 (10 for Diamond) which makes it a resistant stone.

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