“To start here are some important definitions”

Natural Stone: (Fine and precious stones) materials that form naturally * without human intervention or transformation other than size. (* Geological training: done by nature)

Example: Gemstones: Diamond, ruby, emerald, Sapphire

Fine Stones:  : Aigues-Marine, topaz, tourmaline… We often talk about semi-precious stone, this term is incorrect and to banish, it is not said: On the principle all stones are “precious” because of their diversity, their different hue, their shape, their condition of Formation…et some of them even exceed the price of diamond to Carat…

Synthetic Stone: : Created in the laboratory, a synthetic stone is a substance having essentially the same chemical composition, the same physical properties, the same crystalline structure as its natural counterpart.

Example: A synthetic sapphire will have the same physical property, same chemical composition and same crystal structure as a natural sapphire.

Synthetic stones are the best alternatives of natural stones, only an expert eye or a laboratory can differentiate them. There are different manufacturing techniques, some of which reproduce the natural formation method of these stones.

Caution Do not mix everything, synthetic ruby, Synthetic sapphires… does not mean false or deception (from the moment the buyer is aware at the time of purchase), I repeat C is an alternative to natural.

A Example the CZ cubic Zirconia was created to imitate the diamond, we do not find CZ in nature.rtificial stone : : Consists of artificial products, crystallized with no known natural equivalent.


An imitation: : An imitation and an artificial product that mimics the appearance of a mineral or organic gem without possessing the chemical and/or physical properties and/or crystalline structure.

Example: glass, color plastic.

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