“Why synthetic stones?”

It should be known that the stones synthesized are not false stones or vulgar imitations. Remember they have the same properties as the natural stones they replace except that they “grow” in the laboratory and do not come out of the earth.

A few years ago these stones fueled the market of the industry but for about ten years they were found in the market of jewellery in increasing proportions. The production of synthetic stones is constantly increasing but this is not compared to 150 million carats of natural rough stones but the increase in manufacture of these and the use by the jewellery of these laboratory stones is Inevitable because of exhaustion Natural deposits on the horizon 2030.


The gemstone industry is on the eve of a revolution, we are in a new era for jewellery, we are no longer talking about synthetic stones but ethical stones.

This new generation of synthetic stones offers rather convincing sales arguments for a “new responsible clientele”. The behaviour of consumers is changing, at a time when the environment is at the heart of all countries and especially since COP 21, not forgetting human and child rights, which remain totally unequal in many parts of the world, especially as regards Relates to mining extraction of color stones.

We will discuss these arguments in more detail in the next article.

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